Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Well. Well well well. Recieved a really friendly 'hope you are looking after yourself, I have real strong feelings for you email'Well, made me feel a bit better, as I was thinking and wondering if she misses me, its been so long since we talked.
However, I am very wary about renewing our relationship. These past couple months had me hurting so much at times. I don't know, I'll mull this over.

I have done 4 visits to the gym, checking my training from last year, all I did was 4 gym visits up to 31 Dec ! Blimey, no wonder this season was so crap. Well, not only lack of winter gym work, but also lack of focus and interest. World Championship rider my arse.What a farce, as soon as I heard the time of my 500M time trial in the Divisional Champs. I knew I was rubbish.
Well, starting now I will lower my alcohol intake, I have already tried to restrict the booze to 2 evenings a week, then down to 1, then down to 1 a month. I have kept away from the burgers too, though I'm driving down to Dartford this evening. If I buy some wine and a burger, then the rest of the week will have to be clean ! Next week I am in Andover, so keeping off the bottle over the weekend should be easy, as I can make up for it Monday or Tuesday evening, depending on the work, whcih is on the crappy document management software.Which should be fun.
Keeping my weight steady, rather than decreasing, which is my next aim, to loose 5 Kg by the new year.
How did I let my weight creep up somuch ?
I was thinking about this, I dieted hard in the first half of 2001 and went from 90Kg to 72 Kg. Since mid 2001 I have kept at around 73 to 75Kg. Until last year. My weight slowly crept up after returning from Flanders, when it was 71.5Kg after a bad stomach. I eat big sandwiches every day working in Leamington, that on top of a full evening meal slowly put the Kgs on. Then I seemed to have an urge to eat snacks, chocolate, crisps, drinking too much, and enjoying too many visits to Burger King. I think was maybe a need to make up for my earlier severe dieting ? A sort ofbounce back ? I think I'm over that now, so can eat and drink more sensibly.