Thursday, April 03, 2008

What a lovely pair of knockers (ones missing)

Hello. Not posted on here for a while
Here I am in Durham, I was last here finsihing off my degree at Durham University in 1995 and Mum was still alive.
Sort of can remember places, I walked up into the town on Tuesday evening, remembered the Cathederal, but who could forget the Tomb of Cuthbert ? and Bede Venerabilis ?
Strange that 13 years on I'm doing the same job. Yes I earn a fair amount and have perks and so on and so forth, but I am basically still hacking code. Here I am at a factory I seem to remember looking at because of its strange brown plasticky roof lining, they take liquid and bottle it, basically; smoothies, soft drinks, cartons and indeed anything. Complex process, most of the Eddie Stobart lorries halumphing up and down the motorways carry empty drinks containers to be filled, or ingredients or the finished product. Last night drove to Alston and back along the Wear, didn't enjoy it until almost back, this evening went to Consett, sort of, and Wolsingham, over the moors to Middleton-in-Teesdale and back via Bishops Auckland. Stopped on the moors and heard peewits and go-back go-back of grouse.

Just like a drive by Dentdale in 2000, 8 years ago.
I wonder where my friends from thos long-ago days is ? Or are ? Sparky the fireman from Wakefield ? Hmmm.