Thursday, July 25, 2002

Had a hard ride over to Darwen, Blackburn & Belmont. Cool but dry. 21.45, off to the bar, 5 bottles of pils, then onto the power shandys - half pint lager & bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Very moreish but very high in hangover potential. Ugh.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

And another feel good factor from yesterday morning was the news that Doom III is out later this year !
I forgot that after the crappiness of yesterday afternoon and evening.
I sent a mssg this morning along the lines of 'That was a crappy birthday. Hoo fucking ray. Older & wiser.
Got a reply from K saying 'don't send nasty messages when she is so ill'
Maybe she is ill ?
So am I a cunt ?
Aha, I feel slightly cheered up; just looked over today's route for Le Tour. They have to slog over three great big Alpine passes given a 'Hors Categorie' grading. Now what this means is they are beyond category; they are so high, steep and long they are unclassifiable ! I have ridden some hills here that might just creep into category 3, maybe cat 2, 2/3 miles of average 9% gradient. Well, that don't really compare to 21 miles at 5% rising to 8500 feet above sea level (The Galibier). How about about 12 miles at 7% rising to 6500 feet (La Madelaine) and finally after 100 miles of racing and the 2 aforementioned monsters, 12 miles of 8% rising up to the Ski town of La Plagne rising to 6000 feet ?
So that will be a fun day for the riders. And a fun day for us fans as well, how will Armstrong perform, will his team be able to ride hard for him ? Will they be able to chase down dangerous escapees ? Three big mountains in one hard day is going to test them to the limit. I really think the race will be won and lost today. If Armstrong can attack and keep others from attacking him, his Tour should be won. After Boteros ride yesterday, I wonder if Botero will try and climb higher up the general classification and go for something higher, and if the Once team will try a move ?
Wednesday. Hoo-fucking-ray.
Yesterday was my 46th birthday. I started the day feeling optomistic, happy and looking forward to whatever the day may bring. Well it brought a bucketfull of shit. Still happy at lunchtime I hied me off to Bolton and got Jaynes watch-strap repaired and bought some cheap champagne (Cava) and black pepper crisps for an enjoyable evening. At the client got pulled into a meeting to explain why my project was taking so long. 1st bad thing. Still felt sort of good. Sent a text mssg. Had a great reply on my way to the car.
Now it is rained sort of thick drizzle, so I was going to do some intervals, but thats that. Not too bothered.
So went to Asda, bought a wine bottle cooler to cool my Cava. Back to hotel, tried to fit the cooler on the bottle and ripped it. The cooler was crap as it didn't fit the bottle properly and needed to be frozen first. Anyway, went for a couple of bottles of pils in the bar, felt crap. Got some frozen peas (for a sore shoulder I said) and wrapped the Cava in 'em. Felt groggy after the pils. Eat crisps & cheese. Didn't enjoy 'em much. Showered, soaked a while in the bath. Got ready, went to the bar to wait, got a mssg, gone to bed poorly. Well thats is just fucking great. I think the word is unreliable. Well, words alone don't do justice. Back to room, finished off the bu now very unpleasant bottle of pils. Sat watched tv, read Viz, Private Eye & ProCycling. Drank some of the cava, didn't enjoy it so poured the rest away. Not really feeling too good, so not in the mood for a session.
What a crappy end to a day that started so well. Last year I had the sense to book some holiday for my birthday, 2000 it was on a Sunday.
I think that was my worst birthday since, 1998 ? 1997 ? 1999 ? Pick a number.

Monday, July 22, 2002

Monday. Had fun this weekend, I rode a '25. Fairly pleased with the ride, 1.05.26 over a hard course, through Mampton-in-Arden (I mean HAMPTON, mampton, you muppet !) over the hill twice (so 4 times up the hill) and very windy ride along the main road. Winner did 59 something, he is a top guy, then 2 with 1.03 then me. I think I could have squeezed a minute faster, I went through a bad patch when I slowed from average of 25 to 22/23 for about a mile. I was planning to ride out, but as it started at eight in the bloody morning I drove. Saturday was a 25 mile plod, then a restful day with the family out shopping. I fitted new blue chainrings and the tri bars. What an exciting life ! I enjoyed it. A bit cool though, rain on Saturday afternoon and evening. Back up in Horwich today. So its in the cheapo hotel. I notice its a year since I did an epic long ride over the moors to Blackburn. Well today is sodding cold and damp, so I'm not doing anything so stupid. Keep out the bar as well, I'll leave that to tomorrow when its my birthday. We'll see.