Thursday, October 12, 2006

Wanker of the week. No, century....

This smug-faced middle-class arse is Mr Monbiot, who is so clever and knows whats best for us - don't travel in aeroplanes ! Don't consume resources ! Except thats what he does, surprisingly he isn't living in a tepee subsisting on roots and berries, he living in London, consuming lots of resources to keep his smug expression up to snuff. Turd.
But we must all bow to his wisdom, like all the jet-setting greenies, do as we say not as we do as we know whats best for you !
some other blogger is wondering how long the Rightists in France will sit back and allow the hordes of the banlieues to destroy their country. This chap seems to think that there will come a point when they decide to act, and they have enough weoponry hidden from the days of WW2 they could be a real force.
I wonder what nerve we have in this country to take on a leftist government ? Not much, yet.
What has transpired since last time I could be arsed to blog:
Last week was hectic. Sunday drove to Folkstone through some torrential rainstorms. Through the tunnel, then to Paris. First problem was paying the toll, booth on the left ! Very nervy drive round the Periphique, Paris ring road, found my exit, found the hotel more by luck. Had a couple of beers, and a bottle of wine.
Work, then early night.
Work, then off West to the wilds of France. Just drove until I found a small place and stopped the night in a crappy room, drinking too much wine. Off to tunnel next morning. Arrived home Wednesday evening.
Thursday went to Windsor, another epic drive, and a few problems to solve.
Friday bacon sarny day in the office.
Saturday lazed about.
Sunday down to Bristol, had a meal, didn't like it.
Monday Newport, and dropped some food off in Bristol.
Tuesday office.
Wednesday home. But got a cold.
Ho hum.