Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh hello, could not be arsed with blogging of late.
Main events - no riding my bike, except once to go and buy a bottle of wine from the off-license, and yesterday evening, did a short ride to Man-in-the-Moon and back.
Took daughter and her boyfriend back from Bristol, they are now living in my spare room.
Had an itchy back on the day we took them back; it was shingles, which I ignored. Flew to Barcelona, worked there for 3 days, back (via Birmingham).
Took David to an interview at a science research place in Swindon for his Year in Industry.
Then the following day had to get to Liverpool Airport for 0500 to fly to Barcelona again. Ugh.
Flight back delayed, by 2 hours so last Saturday I arrived home at 0330. Great.
David is doing this thing, Year in Industry, that Birmingham University said is good for science and engineering undergraduates. He has finished his A levels, I really don't think he studied hard enough for 2 or 3 A grades, time will tell.
But anyhoo, because of global warming this summer has been cold and crap. Even Barcelona was only 22 C, with a day of 26 last week followed by rain and cooler. But fuck that, because I'm going to have to pay much more car tax to finance windy fucking farms to spoil the landscape and generate minimal amounts of electric.
Oh yes, new Rav4 delivered last monday. Bigger than the last one, feels better . But more expenses for that in increased road tax, at least it does more miles to the gallon.