Friday, May 23, 2003

Friday. Cracked crank, oh no. This meant replacing the whole damn bottom bracket, as the chainset I bought in July 1998 was already out-dated with the square section axle. So I couldn't get a replacement anywhere. Went to Parkers yesterday and was sort of worried that the new axle wouldn't fit. Well it did. The frame wasn't designed for the old Shimano c/s, so the Octalink fitted a treat ! Far better than the bodge last year with an wide Ultegra b/b, it all fits beautifully. So then onto the North had a meal at Lal Heweli and a visit to her sister. A nice quiet evening. Then on the M6 at Wolverhampton it was down to 1 lane, there were a couple of lorries stopped, and in front something covered in a white sheet. Well, that thing was a body. Seems someone walked onto the motorway, it was on BBC news this morning. Oh, a shame.
Weight is up over 75Kg, it was 76 at the end of the week before last, now with only 1 interval session this week its creeping up. Not been overdosing on crisps or cheese though, must be just the lack of training. Could be riding on the track this evening if Dave brinks his track bike along, and it fits me OK. Must do a 2 hour level 3 session tomorrow (Its in my schedule which I have followed to 50% so far this week.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

So what is it about the North West with me ? With Lancashire and Manchester ? Is it the scenery, the people, the architecture ? The streets of back-to-backs in Clitheroe ? The moors over Widdop ? the wide sweep of the views from Winter Hill ? The austere majesty of the Three Peaks (or is that Yorkshire, another place ?) Well I don't know. suffice to say it has pulled me back again tomorrow when I hope to be eating in Lal Heweli in Rusholme.
Wednesday evening. Was due to do somw serious work on the bike this evening but pissing rain obviated that plan. Had a text mid-afternoon to call Jayne on her mobile, and Joanne was turned down from all her University choices as her application hadn't arrived, at all. So, I was mad. Got home and she arrived later, called her a dick-head for not sending off her application in a timely manner. Oh dear, wrong again. She spoke to someone at college that 'phoned UCAS and sorted it out. They never received the completed form, and Joanne sent it with ample time to spare. So I had to eat my words. Bought some lager to cheer up a mserable mid-week. Still, the boss called me in to say there is no pay rise, but I am on a 8% bonus scheme, so unless I make a total arse of yself there will be a quarterly 8% bonus. Starting last February which should work out at 800 quid a quarter. Also, checking my pay slips I find that they have knocked 66 quid a month off for BUPA. Which is odd as I left BUPA in Feb. So on my reckoning I am owed 200 quid.
Wednesday. In the office, and it feels so depressing, a few consultants sitting miserably and morgue-like. Oh joy.
Saturday went out and did 41 fun miles around Cutnall Green (could be a nasty spelling error) and Elmbridge, over to Woodgate and got wet as it started belting down after Tardebigge. Then washing kit & drying shoes. Sunday off to Becketts & met Bob on his mtb, Alistair & Chris Duffield. To Bidford, Welford, Stratford, Wellesbourne, they stoopped & I continued alone.Snitterfield, Brearley, Wooton Wawen, Ullenhall, Weatheroak, starts really raining near Man-in-Moon, home wet again. Over & got Dad for dinner. Then took him home & to Fort.
Monday Leamington. Tuesday home, did intervals, creaking noise from bike wouldn't go away. Took cranks off, found a crack on the left hand one, shit. Out to Primrose Hill for a club meeting.