Friday, April 09, 2004

Hazel on holiday in Spain. Talked on Monday eve before she went, seemed distant. No texts from her until Wednesday eve, so I thought she'd forgotten me.
Long time no blog.
Here goes, Friday, work in morning, then nice leisurely drive to the velodrome and did a training session, quite good, learning more skills. I really have to do a track skills session next. I saw Rob who was riding the league, and watched a couple of races. I should have entered he says, I'm not so sure. I really feel I need a little more practise on the track.
Then went to see Hazel for a while. Home bloody late.
Saturday collected Davids new bike, he likes it a lot ! He has done a few rides on it this week, he went over the Lickeys with Jordan yesterday, excellent !
Then did a 2 hour middling ride, out the usual Gambolds, etc. Windy.
Sunday, David's 14th. Collected Dad for dinner, packed stuff for the week up at Thorne. Prepared to take bike and do some training, but doubts creep in.
Monday, early and no bike. Day at chicken pluckers, scary, changed way software works and could foresee lots of problems. Drive to Meadowhall, bough Marx Bros dvds. Back & watched 'em and drank 2 bottles of red and eat a cold burger.
Tuesday more software worries. Then drove out past steel works in Scunnthorpe, and got held up by a boat coming out the docks in Goole.
Wednesday talked software over with user. Better now, know where I'm going with it. Then in the evening drove to Spurn Head, that long spit of sand in the mouth of the Humber. Odd place, walked to the end and back. Then drank more wine.
Thursday, left at 3.30 or so. Over past Holme Moss to M60 and M66, M61 and M62 M6 home. Pointless long drive. Nearly ran out of petrol, low going through Holmfirth, couldn't see and petrol stations, nearly totally empty in long queue of traffic by start of M57, where I filled up !
Friday in office.
So a week with no training, lots of drinking and almost daily Burgers.