Friday, May 09, 2008

Boris fucking Johnsons, the twatty cunt has made up a new law, as if there were somehow a scarcity of laws and fucking stupid regulations, that says we cannot consume alcohol on the tube, or underground railway system of London. What if I were to slide onto the tube with a hip flask and have a sharpener between Mornington Crescent and Belsize Park ? Would I become a hunted criminal, akin to the folks that hop over the fence from our Open Prisons ?
Shame on you Boris, to be on the Tube, or a public street drunk and disorderly is an offence. Use the current legislation, not invent more stupid regulations. If a council makes a thing an offence, is that thing a crime ? I mean, can a mayor make laws ? It seems as if the mayor of London can make criminal law, surely in our country, this is wrong ? What happened to the rule of law ?