Friday, November 14, 2003

And, its now 1 year since we were forcibly pushed into Qad. Good or bad ? Hmmm. Not sure.
I wrote this a year ago, well, 6/11/2002;
I do feel fairly determined to acheive something next year, a sort of quiet confidence, that my training over the past 18 months, and the training schedule and expert coaching to come will get me there. I'm going to get a BC licence and go for RR points and ride the National Veterans series, and also I want a shot at the National hill climb. Well, if I have something to aim for I can hit it. Unlike this year when I just rode and raced, no real plan.
Ho hum.
Whatever happened to that ? At least I had a taste of success on the track. Had a request to go to Thorne on Tuesday. Left early on Monday and went to Speeds, just made it for 5.30 as the shop was shutting. Ordered a pair of track wheels.
Left early on Tuseday for a fun drive to Thorne in the fog. Went to wrong hotel at first, a long drive to the Travellodge Mr. Idiot had booked me in to. Drank 2 bottles of wine.
Left Thorne at 18.30 on Wednesday and drove over to see Hazel Sat and talked for an hour, then back down the M^ which was mercifully traffic free.
Thursday back to Thorne. All good there now. Left at 17.30 and over M62 again. Into nice hotel at Lancashire Cricket ground with a view over the pitch. Collected Hazel and for a meal. Steak & chips ! Back to hotel after giving Gareth & Phill a lift home. Quiet night, Hazel still not well.
Friday took Hazel home and a decent drive doen the M6, left 9.00, into office for 10.30 !
Had a bacon double cheeseburger for lunch. Naught naughty.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Friday just work.
Saturday acutaully got myself up and off to Bromsgrove for the bash. Hard as ever with lots of attacking up the hills. I left before the dual carriageway sprint and home through Tardebigge and up the Hill over Lickey end to Rednal.
Tidied the garden. Took and collect Joanne from work, bough chips for tea and 2 bottles of red. Let the fireworks off. Drank 2 bottles of red !
Up at 8 next morning. Grogilly went to Becketts. Off on club ride with heavy legs. Left with Richard at Norton Lindsay & home via Ullenhall and being sick on Watery Lane.
Collected Dad for dinner. And that was my weekend.
The chicken pluckers say the software don't work properly on their system, so thats going to be fun for today.