Monday, November 10, 2003

Friday just work.
Saturday acutaully got myself up and off to Bromsgrove for the bash. Hard as ever with lots of attacking up the hills. I left before the dual carriageway sprint and home through Tardebigge and up the Hill over Lickey end to Rednal.
Tidied the garden. Took and collect Joanne from work, bough chips for tea and 2 bottles of red. Let the fireworks off. Drank 2 bottles of red !
Up at 8 next morning. Grogilly went to Becketts. Off on club ride with heavy legs. Left with Richard at Norton Lindsay & home via Ullenhall and being sick on Watery Lane.
Collected Dad for dinner. And that was my weekend.
The chicken pluckers say the software don't work properly on their system, so thats going to be fun for today.


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