Monday, November 03, 2003

Monday, in the office once more.
But last week was a holiday ! Yippee ! But now is work, boo !
Let me see, Saturday was taking Joanne to the satation to see her and her boyfriend off for a week in Tenby. Going past our local station I saw her train, and saw her looking out the window ! Then did a steady plod round the usual Gambolds etc, route.
Had some wine & crisps.
Sunday, met the guys and we went to Broadway. Nice scenery, coldish, hard pace, especially going back through some serpentine route through the back streets of Redditch. Went through Webheath, then down past Pitcher Oak Wood, then I was lost, popped out by the main road, then home on my own through Alvechurch. 70 miles at 18 mph !
Monday, er, ordered the fence post & panels. Then went to an old quarry by Woodbury Hill to look for trilobites with David. He found a neat Silurian bellemnite sort of fossil. I found lots of shells. Still, it was warm, hazy sun and a nice place to be. Spell on the turbo.
Tuesday, fence post & panels arrived, late, then it started raining so didn't put them up.
Wednesday shopping in the new whizzo Maypole store. Then started digging out the old metal fence spike. Hard, I've got the blisters to prove it ! Poured water in the hole, poured in the fencecrete stuff and put in the post. Brilliant ! It set hard in 10 minutes ! Put up the other panels. Had wine & crisps.
Thursday. Out to Clee Hill to walk to the top and look at dolerite quarries with David.
All in belting rain, cold and thick hill fog.
Mark B collected me, and off for a curry in Alvechurch. Not bad. Then to a bub over the road for more alcohol in the form of lager. Taxi home, I think.
Friday, mostly reading and watching tv. Out to see Dad in aft. Cheap lager in eve.
Saturday. Eventually out to Hopwood, Storrage, puncture. Beoley, Cherrypit Hill, Weatheroak & Watery Lane.
Sunday, up to go out but torrential rain sort of put me off. So went to a bike sale near Town. Bought a top & cheap saddle. Collected Dad for dinner.
Took him home and talked to H. On Friday she sent me bad texts, pissed off because I didn't talk to her much during the week. OK now though so I feel happier about that.

Oh money, yes, Dad helped me with a totally unsolicited donation of One Thousand Pounds !


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