Thursday, October 23, 2003

Friday drank too much.
Saturday took the cat to the vet for yearly innoculation.
Sunday out with the lads to Wellesbourne cafe. Good ride. A proper club run, steady and no mad tear-ups
Then I had to rush like mad to collect Dad for dinner.
Monday down to Dartford. Had a Burger King, Drank 2 bottles of red, then into the bar for Smirnoff ices.
Tuesday went a look round Bluewater shopping centre, saw lots of neat stuff, being short of cash I
just bought some cufflinks.
Then a couple of pints, a bottle of red and more beer/Smirnoff ice in the bar.
Terrible, too much alocohol.
Was going up to see H, I am not sure if she is so keen after her illness, and I am going off
the drive up this evening.
Surprisingly my weight hasn't shot up too much, 79.6, was 80 on Monday !
I should go on the turbo this evening.
Life isn't so much fun now I'm not in Bolton every week.


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