Thursday, November 06, 2003

Thursday. Yesterday was Guy Fawkes, but because I waqnted to fit in a turbo session, and was originally
unsure if I would be in Manchester we didn't set off the fireworks. So David was disappointed.
Had a meeting with the hoze people and they want a good few days work doing, which should hopefully
ensure my continued employment, at least until early next year. This time in November 2002, the week
before we were sold, I was wondering what the future was and just how secure we were. All sorts of rumors
were flying about, principally because of immenent expiry of our source code licence. I attended a
meeting in the summer where we got assurances that everything was fine, and the license negotiations
were progressing well. What crap. We just got shitted on in the end. So here I am a year later and no
better off. Two years ago in the midst of the document development I was pretty unhappy too, because I
was not enjoying the work I was doing. Ho hum.
Fell out with H last week through not keeping in touch during the week, seems OK now, find out later !

I went for a good curry and a few pints with my coach last week. And his plan is for me to do 1 or
two weight training sessions per week, starting low reps with heavy weights and gradually building up
the reps. Combined with lower gears faster revs sessions on the turbo. This is for the track and to
make me stronger, especially for climbing hills.


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