Thursday, January 09, 2003

Thursday. Good news #1. I rang the garage at 16.30 and got told Honda had approved a new engine, and it is now ordered. Good news #2. A good evening out at the Trafford Centre. #3. I bough a Paul smith jacket, H haggled it down from �199 to �142 because she noticed a mark on the back. Got a real nice pair of elastic-sided Italian boots for �75 and a FullCircle shirt for �42. A good evenings shopping. But I did eventually end up drinking late in the bar.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Wednesday. May not be a good day. In facy may well end up being as shitty as day as any. Why ? Because someone from Honda is coming to look at my car which is currently lying in a garage at Halesowen with the engine in pieces. I spoke to the service guy on Monday who said that a piston had gone through the cyclinder ! As a parting shot he asked if it had been in any water ! As if. So what can happen; Honda engineer says there is no fault, the car has been driven through deep water is most likely. So where will that leave me as regards blame ? Will the insurance company cover it ? Well, we'll see.
Another glitch on the horizon is a request to help training someone else in this here crappy documentation product. Why ? They say there is another sale, but it may be so I can be got rid of once someone else is trained. Ho hum. Another small blip is the lack of calls & text messages from H. Why ? She is maybe having problems with her partner, or else she is cooling. Which may be good. We planned to meet for a coffee at the Trafford Centre this evening, but really I have felt good the last couple of mornings after alcohol-free evenings and early nights. So it may be a good idea to continue this.
We shal see.

Monday, January 06, 2003

Monday. Called to see what car was at, the garage said Honda are coming along on Wednesday to look at it, and asked if I got it wet !
Cold weekend. Icy yesterday so went to Beckets Farm in the car. The we did a plod to Twycross island by Evesham, on the dual carriageway started steady through & off, on the return up the first hill me and Psycho dropped the rest, regrouped and the same thing happened on the next drag, this time Brian kept up, we finally left him on the last drag when he had to miss his turns. Worried all the time my freewheel would break as on the way down it wouldn't catch when I pedalled after freewheeling, so tried not to freewheel ! Took it apart, well took the cogs off, put oil in, then forced some lithium grease in. I think the freehub has to be disembled and cleaned & regreased as it has been through more water than my car ! Well had a msg from H on Friday suggesting we meet for a coffee, I agreed & we were meeting at Trafford Centre, but then she couldn't get the car.