Thursday, March 07, 2002

Love growing has flowered and died. Just so.
Slight dull ache in my left keee worries me more than I can say.
The project is shit, approaching my projected go-live date, and going-dead seems more likely.
Fuck fuck, fuckity fuck.
My landscape is a veritable Death Valley.
Found more bits of broken glass on the floor by walking on them. I am a silly twat or what ?
Thoght for the day;
I stood next to Debbie Magee. Wife of ex-comedian/magician Paul Daniels.
I once saw that blind blues singer in LA airport.
Thats my claims to fame.

Monday, March 04, 2002

Let me survey the landscape of my life.
An arid plain with bursts of sparse vegetation nourished by occasional rainfall.
Love growing in the oddest places.
Erosion, erosion, erosion pulling off the veneer of youth.
The hill I once climbed to sucess and career has become an ever steepening slipping scree heading towards a dark unkown void.
Yow, I just trod on something sharp. A bit of broken glass !
Fucking hell, who has left glass on the floor ?
Oh, it was me that left glass on the floor, so I deserve some of that that crap, at least the bit when i stood on the glass.
Well, I still wont meet Spike Milligan. Even if I live another 50 years, which at my advanced age is most unlikely !

Ah, Monday. Again. The most hated day in the life of a wage-slave.