Friday, July 06, 2007

My Predicted VO2 Max is ---- 47.
As measured by my Polar HRM.

This is pretty bad and shows what a diet of lethargy, red wine and XL Double bacon cheeseburgers has done to my system.
Bollocks, I'll have to do more than the occasional mtb ride if I want to race.
( in 2003 it was - 68 )

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Land a cow on the moon.

Remove the green sweets from Starburst and bring back Opal Fruits !

Bring dragons out of hiding !

They all would get my vote.
I don't like Alan Johnston. I also think kidnapping was a 'home goal' by the local nutjobs, as any BBC reporter is, by definition, a pro Palestinian and anti Israeli type of guy.
Saturday sees the Tour de France starting in London. and for the first time in many years I'm not all that interested. The UCI/ASO battles, lies and doping have spoiled the whole thing. I think to save the race it will have to return to the simpler era before it became a global brand. Which won't happen.
Threw down this weeks copy of Radio Times in disgust as it was chock full of global warming nonsense - 77 ways to improve the planet (1, kill Al Gore) and interviews with the 'stars' of the global warming concert. Some of whom I have even heard of and not all are past-it pop singers. Noted with disgust that the BBC are devoting what seems like the whole weekend to the climate-fest. Cunts. (James Blunts)
Today is cool and damp, tomorrow will be the same and the outlook for Saturday is the same. So the great climate bandwagon of bollocks rolls ever forwards, frightening more ignorant dummies (and dhimmies) into believing the claptrap pedalled by fakes and shysters.
Cold and damp ? blame global warming.

Monday, July 02, 2007

John Smeaton. A Hero for our times. Restores my faith in Scotland.

We'll set aboot ye ! My wife couldn't understand a word the Great Man said as he described how he whacked a nutcase. That was some accent !
Trivia - The current Dr. Who companion used to be in Crossroads.
I am officially raising my personal fear of an attack to underpants.

My fear of a crap or ham-fisted terror attack is now so immense that I was almost unable to get to Burger King and console myself with an XL Double Bacon n'Cheeseyburger, with fries and coke. About 1500 calories, apparently.

Bought some cigars last Friday so I could defy the ban on smoking.

Spent the whole weekend looking out the window at rain making the back lawn into a puddle.

Drank far too many tins of lager.

The cold I had 2 weeks ago is back.

Had a call from Adrian (who he) about my cancelled race. Is he in our club ? Didn't he know why I had to cancel ? Seems he has never heard that Le Tour is in London next weekend.