Monday, July 02, 2007

I am officially raising my personal fear of an attack to underpants.

My fear of a crap or ham-fisted terror attack is now so immense that I was almost unable to get to Burger King and console myself with an XL Double Bacon n'Cheeseyburger, with fries and coke. About 1500 calories, apparently.

Bought some cigars last Friday so I could defy the ban on smoking.

Spent the whole weekend looking out the window at rain making the back lawn into a puddle.

Drank far too many tins of lager.

The cold I had 2 weeks ago is back.

Had a call from Adrian (who he) about my cancelled race. Is he in our club ? Didn't he know why I had to cancel ? Seems he has never heard that Le Tour is in London next weekend.


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