Monday, June 25, 2007

Brrr, what a scorcher !

Snow at 2000' on Ben Nevis, today. Usually, in late June, the only snow is on the summit plateau and high in the Northern Gullies, certainly not in large fields. But there we are, today is wet and cold (15C) which will no doubt be attributed to a blip in the ever-rising Earth's temperature. Leaving the office the Friday before last was stuck in a massive traffic jam caused by; stupidly badly designed roads around the Midlands' major shopping mall, roadworks and torrential rain 3 hours earlier making the traffic bad. ~Went for a burger while the jam went down.
What a crap couple of weeks, rain and cold. Last week I had a bad cold (man-cold, very bad) but on Wednesday morning in the office I really felt like death, I had a bad night, woke cold and covered in sweat with some horrible dreams in my head.

I had a run-in on Monday with my (non-existing) management over why I have no interest or motivation in what I'm supposed to be doing. As my invisible managers can't be arsed to manage us it was done through personnel, in the person of the South African, she is nice, but talking to my very own boss would be useful, but hey, fuck it, we're only Brits, well down the list of importance to the fun-loving Dutch. Arseholes.

That was the worst cold/flu/whatever I have had since the 24-hour thing I had in Athens once. This lasted from late lst Monday through to Thursday.

Car in for a service, new air-conditioning filter thing, some other things and 2 bloody new tyres. So that knocked me back 411 quidses. Bollocks.
There goes my bonus, again.

Sort of regretting buying a prosumer camera and wishing I had gone for the SLR, but at £500 for the body, and another £150, at least, for a decent lens, thats a lot of pennies, and really, would the pics I take justify that much ? Hell, I spent more than that on a track bike which is now gathering dust in the garage.
Went to the Woodlands club yesterday, 60 minutes on the zeroing range, then the rain got the better of us. But it was free as no-one else turned up and he didn't put any targets out.
All-in-all a very wet few days.


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