Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Wednesday. Dartford. Yesterday little drive through Gadshill, didn't see Dickens' house though. Then, 2 bottles of wine !
This evening a spin round Sheerness. Nice evening sky. Just the one bottle tonight.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Day Four.
The crocodiles ate my hat. The team was attacked by a swarm of flesh-eating monkeys.
Tuesday and I'm in Dartford, Kent. Hurrah !
The end of last week was well hectic. Driving back from Dartford was truly horrendous, heavy traffic along the M25, a brief spell of speed on the first few miles of the M40, then a slow grind with stops. All the way to the M42 which was slow as well. Arrived home after 21.00.
Saturday, got some top soil for the garden, went out round Upper Bentley and Cruise Hill, in some sun and warmth. Raced on Sunday, someone fell in front of me, avoided the crash but had to work like mad to get back on. No-one else behind me did. Hard race. Glad the lasr road event is this Sat.
Kept off the wine since last Tuesday, but will get a bottle or so of red this evening to while away the lonely hours in my hotel room.