Friday, July 08, 2005

And my weight was 79.4 Kg this morning, not bad, seeing as I'm not riding my bike, and 3 months ago it was 86Kg. Thats avoidance of beer, wine and burgers for you.
That gives a BMI of 23.45
Friday. Not happy.
On a whim went to Vision Express, had an eye test and bought a new pair of specs, a pair of rather natty Oakleys. That cheered me up a little. Not good with Jayne this week.
Went to watch David playing his usual competent set at the school concert last night.
Should really go to the doctors and get a prescription to ensure I have enough happy pills to
last me for the next month in Greece but I just can't be bothered.
I sent a stinky email off to Car Select and Hyundai about the comical non-arrival of my car.
Fuck knows what I'm going to do about it, this has really brought me down, looked at getting a Santa-Fe or a Toyota Rav4, Hmmm. Not feeling very steady inside my head. Had a text from Hazel, but didn't really read it, too flaky to involve myself with her again.
Put some tunes on my Archos, today they have disappeared ! I think I set the wrong options on the settings, hopefully. I'm sure the earphones don't give a proper stereo sound.
Everything is shit right now. I hope I get to relax in Greece. Which is where I go, via Milan, on Sunday afternoon.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Midway through the week.
Well, shit happens. Still not certain in my own mind about what to do over this bloody car, whether to wait or look for an alternative. Hyundai UK did get back and say the delivery to the dealers would probably be late August. so, I go to Greece on Sunday, my Honda goes on Monday. I come back 5th august to no car. I think I'll wait for the Hyundai, unless they have a 2.7Liitre in stock. I'll try later. I'm not a happy bunny. Text off Hazel saying hello.
Oh, my lovely Hondas, after 6 years its finally going to go. and I'll have nothing ! Nothing I tells you ! Like a total disaster, through no fault of my own. I thought I had made a reasoned choice, looking at the cars, giving it a test drive, finding the best price, doing all this in February when my only worry was it being delivered too early. Well blimey.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The only bright point of the day so far is that I took my busted Archos MP3 etc player into
Dixons, and they swopped it for a new one, no quibbles or argument. That was a relief as
everything today seems just a bind.
And I am well pissed off. Still no delivery date for my new car, asked if it a problem if I go later to Greece, and the reply came back, yes it is. So having to chase up the car company to try and get a date confirmed. A bit worrying now.
Plus I had some other stuff to do for the hose company, plus I just feel stressed out.
Jayne will not be happy if I have to go back to Greece next sunday either.
Lots of shitty stuff here today.
Flew back last Thursday arriving home at midnight. Friday did nothing apart from snooze, Saturday had a little trip to the shops, and watched the Tour. Sunday, collected Dad for dinner and back to watch Le Tour. Bed early.
And what of Hazel ? Fuck knows, and I really no longer care.