Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday. Not happy.
On a whim went to Vision Express, had an eye test and bought a new pair of specs, a pair of rather natty Oakleys. That cheered me up a little. Not good with Jayne this week.
Went to watch David playing his usual competent set at the school concert last night.
Should really go to the doctors and get a prescription to ensure I have enough happy pills to
last me for the next month in Greece but I just can't be bothered.
I sent a stinky email off to Car Select and Hyundai about the comical non-arrival of my car.
Fuck knows what I'm going to do about it, this has really brought me down, looked at getting a Santa-Fe or a Toyota Rav4, Hmmm. Not feeling very steady inside my head. Had a text from Hazel, but didn't really read it, too flaky to involve myself with her again.
Put some tunes on my Archos, today they have disappeared ! I think I set the wrong options on the settings, hopefully. I'm sure the earphones don't give a proper stereo sound.
Everything is shit right now. I hope I get to relax in Greece. Which is where I go, via Milan, on Sunday afternoon.


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