Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Midway through the week.
Well, shit happens. Still not certain in my own mind about what to do over this bloody car, whether to wait or look for an alternative. Hyundai UK did get back and say the delivery to the dealers would probably be late August. so, I go to Greece on Sunday, my Honda goes on Monday. I come back 5th august to no car. I think I'll wait for the Hyundai, unless they have a 2.7Liitre in stock. I'll try later. I'm not a happy bunny. Text off Hazel saying hello.
Oh, my lovely Hondas, after 6 years its finally going to go. and I'll have nothing ! Nothing I tells you ! Like a total disaster, through no fault of my own. I thought I had made a reasoned choice, looking at the cars, giving it a test drive, finding the best price, doing all this in February when my only worry was it being delivered too early. Well blimey.


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