Monday, June 27, 2005

I went to watch a film in an open-air cinema last nigh; Batman Begins. It was excellent ! I came out of the cinema (through a door signed 'exodus') with a happy smile on my face.
The rest of the week ? Monday was a Greek holiday so I worked in the hotel, much of the morning outside at the front, went to browse the net in the little office room, then in my room. Had an early night.
Tuesday, dunno, not much, another early night.
Wednesday, went for a pizza, had a couple of beers, then for more at Bar21 where I sat & listened to MP3s, and sent stupidish texts. I also sent an email reply along the lines of 'I deleted this, what a load of wank' to reply to Hazel from a crap message she forwarded me. It was a 'read this and digest' with a must forward to all your friends type of rubbish that she is silly enough to believe. Like the one about the guy that invented penicillin saving a Lord that fell off his horse, was so poor, the Lord paid for him to go to medical school then saving the Lords son life with penicillin. all complete lies ! But is shows how gullible people can be. That seemed to annoy her as I got texts and emails saying I should apoligise. I sent a tongue-in-cheek apology, which I doubt she will see as it was meant, a piss-take, as I don't think she knows how many beans make nine. I'll text and ask her.
I was going to write her a final sort of letter.Just (13:15) recieved a text asking if I'm OK as she is worried by my texts. She should be.
Thursday, had a Mcnugget feast after being dropped off, then went to watch Batman Begins !


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