Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yesterday was a bank holiday. When the banks all go on holiday to the seaside and frolic in the waves.
So, this weekend I put up some mirrors in the en-suite (ooh get you, an en-suite, thats going up in the world from having to wash at the Ascott water heater in the kitchen of a council house !)
Dad for dinner, texted Hazel. Had abso-fucking-lutely nothing to drink, in spite of the fact Friday was 29C and Friday evening was boiling hot. Really felt like a drink that evening. Took David to see the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy film yesterday, pretty good ! Nearly had to go and collect Joanne from Bristol as the trains were a problem due to some mechanical problem. She got one though, collected her from New St.
Today Hazel goes into hospital, I meant to call her over the weekend, and promised I would, but didn't, partly because of that 'hello darling' call still rankling. I always keep my promises and what I say I will do, I do. But in her case I can make an exception.


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