Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekends gone. Where ? What did I do ?
Well, apart from not getting mortal on wine, not a great deal. Trimmed the front lawn, repaired the strimmer, watched Eurovision, oh blimey, I'm getting sadder. Needed wine for that, I won't watch it again now I'm sober, I realised what total trash it is !
I have to motivate myself to ride my bike or else I will end up wasting my life away. Didn't text or call, or recieve any texts from her. Hmmm.
Maybe this evening I might do a couple or three miles. If it is dry, and warm. Not vey likely then. This time in 2002 I was doing 100+ miles a week. Like w/c 27 May 2002 I did 190.


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