Monday, August 19, 2002

Happy happy joy joy....
Ah, the wisdom of Ren and Stimpy.
But no ! Missus, look, ooh, today I pedalled myself almost to heroic heights ! Nearly won, but came third which is a long way back from winning but close enough. Rode the veterans 'La Flech Waltonne' - The arrow of Walton. Walton that famous Leicestershire village, where the muck-spreaders roam.
Odd race, started hard. We dropped a few riders in the neutralised section. The reace proper was supposed to start over the hill after we crossed the finish line, but the lead car whizzed along at some rate. I noticed a few going backwards going over the hill, I think the racing started right away as we left the headquarters ! It was all attack, get caught, another attack, get caught. I jumped to a break on the penultimate lap, it got caught. Worked to catch another break. Hard going into the wind. Was as the back of about 20 at the start of the finish, which was a 150 m climb, passed lots, but just couldn't get in front of the leaders when it eased. I could have gone up a gear, but would have lost a couple of meters doing so. I could have started the sprint in a bigger gear, say on the big ring, but I wouldn't have been able to speed up the climb. Hmm. A difficult one. (No, you lazy get, if you had been at the front instead of lurking on the back you would have benn second ? Or even won ?)
Anyway I got 3rd B cat. Iam sure I'll beat that Nottingham guy next time !
Wend to see Dad, with Daveid. Got a call on the mobile on the way back from Dave Birch ? Who ? The organiser of the race ! was so busy talking to Allan Ramsey (Eh, he lives in Radcliffe) I forgot to put my bag in the car. Result- I had to drive to Kibworth near Leicester. Got back at 8.10, bought wine, drank it.