Friday, February 15, 2002

Valentines day my arse.

Valentines day stuff sent - bunch of flowers, single red rose, 2 txt msgs.

Valentines day stuff received - txt msg (Unless there is something waiting at home).
So it is Friday and another week of work has slid into the sewer of life.
Not exactly feeling too chipper today, spent yesterday evening in, the gym, eating, reading, watching tv, listening to John Peel then drifting off to sleep, where I had a nasty dream about wars with decapitation, no doubt brought on by watching Crime and Punishment where good old Raskalnikof finished off the old woman with such axe weilding relish.
Resting heart rate is 47, which is good, I had an over-large breakfast with toast, bacon, sausages, too much and I feel bloated now.
Another task for those lonely hotel room nights is to update my web pages. No, I'd rather drink too much good red wine than that.
Problems with FONTS and PDF today, of all things, which to anyone not au fait with computer-ease must sound boring, and believe me, it is fucking boring.
Oh joy, another 6 hours to go trying to resolve pdf font problems. It does'nt get any better than this. Maybe those poor sods in Cambodia after Pol Pots' year zero thought otherwise as they starved to death on a bowl of rice a day.
Ah well, back to the family this evening.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Task for sometime or the other, like when I am bored in my lonely hotel room;
Spice up this web log, which whizzo html and such like.
I found a real neat comment on another Blog, (I read some of this stuff, sad or what - yes, sad, but I am a geek as well as a bike racer and all-round-heroic IT guy);
'Fuck him until his eyes bleed'.
Not that I have any inclinations to back door gardening, but it just sounds cool.
I like the cut of your jib student type that is pissed off 'bout being slung out of your dorm by freshers.
Even though you sound like a real preppy wanker, you have a smart intellect in that noddle of yours, motherfucker.
Scatology done for now, I'm off to wash my mouth out with soap and water.
What day is it ?
Its Thursday and today is valentines day. Thats interesting, when I get home will there be a pile of cards waiting for me ?
Today I made a major advance in that thing we call 'work', to do with web-enabling and documents, which is all so boring I can hardly even write it on these hallowed pages, which should be devoted to fun and frivolity not the daily grind that most of us non-pop-idol-winners have to endure to put cash in our wallets.
And my weight is coming down to something like my racing weight, which for this year will be 72 kilos. Now at 73, so getting off that last remaining 1 kilo of lard should be easy, seeing as how I've only just started training on the bike during the week.
Must go now and send some valentine texts.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Well now, here I am on Wednesdday, half way through work. Felt good after a hard training ride yesterday, which hurt as I tried to push over 20mph for 20 miles. I did 35 minutes on the turbo on Monday evening, with some hard intervals, pushing it to 85% Max HR. Legs filt a bit blasted yesterday evening so I'm missing out the hard intervals on the turbo, just the gym today and tomorrow, I'll do the turbo session on Friday evening, then a medium 1.5 hours on Sat, with a hard group ride on sunday.
Now thats off my chest, lets just hope I keep out the hotel bar tonight and tomorrow, and no bottles of wine !

Monday, February 11, 2002

Oh well, it is Monday once more. And so I'm employed, and had a pay rise and will be able to get a better company car since I last put stuff here. And is by no means certain we will loose Mr. Big the big customer.
Not in the cold and frozen north today, instead I'm in the middling midlands. Back to the cold and frozen north soon.
Felt ropy on Saturday morning, then when the speed was cranked up on the bash. I felt worse and into the wind at the head of the bunch began to suffer, but when we swung round I recovered, later on when the roads went uphill I felt better, but not all better. This is no doubt due to the industrial amounts of wine and vodka I drank on Thursday night, combined with carrying on drinking until 4.30 on Friday morning. Not good behavior for a bike racer hoping to win races in a couple of months.
Not much point wasting money on trick ultra-light kit if I poison myself with excess alcahol, then ruin my rest and recovery by staying up all night.
Well, thats the guilt over with, now looking forward to my next fun night, possibly in Manchester on wednesday with Heavenly, if she turns up that is. Wednesday would be a better night, I will have done 40 mins on the turbo-trainer this evening, and as I'm 'working at home' tomorrow, I can get a 1 & half hour ride in the morning, then maybe another 40 minutes on the turbo on Wednesday morning, off up to Bolton, an hour in the gym, then off to Manchester. The effectrs of this extra work should help my body consume any toxins fairly quickly, and if I do a good session in the gym on Thursday and get to sleep by 22:00 I should be all better by Friday evening, then ready to roll at the weekend.
Local time is 14:25 GMT winter time.