Friday, September 10, 2004

Friday afternoon.
Feel pretty well hammered emotionally by this week, the 'will she, won't she' dump me, does she care, do I care ? I do, I like to think that I won't care, but if she dumps me I'll be bad.
Anyhoo. I am tempted to pre-empt this and get in first. I simply don't trust her anymore, and I don't want to see her, well not at the momemt. So, what to do;
Dump her by text this weekend before she arrives back from Mexico,
Wait to see if the tries to contact me next week.
Ignore her if she does try to contact me.
Probably she just won't bother to contact me, so on Tuesday start sending increasingly bitter and nast texts. This is what I imagine will happen.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Right. Since last post talked to her on Wednesday, had a text late Sunday, 29th, replied on Mon morning, saying, i'm depressed, have a good hol. she replied 'Buck up, I'll bring you a nice pressy back from Mexico, & send a card'. I bet.
So I've summed up the situation, all I have given her and helped her out. So it looks like now she has her money she don't want to know me anymore. So I have took off the bracelet, thrown away all the cards. I'll send the bracelet back, with a note to say I suppose you can find some other dumb sucker to bleed dry when your money runs out, give him this as a trophy of the last deluded fool.
Anyway, fairly happy as I'm working in Dartford this week the weathers nice ! And here next week too.