Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Right. Since last post talked to her on Wednesday, had a text late Sunday, 29th, replied on Mon morning, saying, i'm depressed, have a good hol. she replied 'Buck up, I'll bring you a nice pressy back from Mexico, & send a card'. I bet.
So I've summed up the situation, all I have given her and helped her out. So it looks like now she has her money she don't want to know me anymore. So I have took off the bracelet, thrown away all the cards. I'll send the bracelet back, with a note to say I suppose you can find some other dumb sucker to bleed dry when your money runs out, give him this as a trophy of the last deluded fool.
Anyway, fairly happy as I'm working in Dartford this week the weathers nice ! And here next week too.


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