Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Almost three weeks have elapsed since my last post.
So let me get up-to-date. Should that have hyphens ?
Thursday after my last post on Wednesday, 28th July went and did a plod around Gambolds, fast.
Friday rode the track, plodded along until the very last race, a 10 miler, it was fast ! Ben Elliot rode, and some fool let a gap open a couple in front, couldn't close it, with about 8 laps to go.Kept going, finished about 1/4 lap behind, 2nd B cat.
Went out on Saturday afternoon for a plod around Ryknild St. Had some wine in the evening.
Another plod around Redditch on Sunday, a few tins of crappy lager in the evening.
Monday work,
Tueseday worked at home, because my new Dell pc arrived !
Wed work, plod around Gambolds in evening.
Thu. work,
Fri Track. Second in the 10 lap starter ! But that was all though. Finished 2nd in the finish ofthe points race, but points only to 1st across the line.
I'm now 13th= in the overall standings.
Saturday - Ha. Out in the afternoon, going along the bit before the hill up to Gambolds, round the corner and Zzzz, bang, a wasp flies into my head and stings me. Oh well, carry on. Plodded home. Felt fine, head a bit sensitive so just rubbed a bit of anti-histamine on.
Bought some wine, and at about 8.45 eyes felt odd.Looked in the mirror, my forehead was swelling and shutting my eyes. Blimey.
Up next morning no better. Went to see Dad, but felt rough.
Monday went to the office, but they said I looked so grey and bad, sent me home.
Went to the doctor, got anti-histamines.
Tuesday, rested at home.
Wed, back to work.
Thu. Went and bought a new digital camera a Fuji Finepix S20 pro, excellent. Up to Manchester.Booked in Momton cheapo hotel, then over to see Hazel. She was stopping at her cousins in Stockport to get some respite from home. Stopped a while.
Then bought some wine & Vodka stuff, back to hotel & drank it & played with the camera.
Back to office on Friday. Went to watch the track & take pics. Had a quick pint, then bought somewine on the way home.
Saturday, Doom III arrives ! Yippee !
Went to track with David to watch the dudley Grand Prix. Good racing.
Played doom. Bought cheap lager, drank it & played doom.
Sunday back to watch the track. Went to see Dad in evening.
Monday work.
Tuesday, work so far. Should go out this evening for 20 miles.


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