Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, on Monday it began snowing at 11.30 and by lunchtime it was well snowy, so left at 14.00. Which was nice. Tuesday I worked at home. And actually did 20 minutes on the turbo, the first time since april 2004 ! It felt really hard, because the next day I discovered my rear brake was rubbing the wheel !
Wednesday office and Thursday, in the evening, did 28 minutes on the turbo, with my HRM on and did some hard bits, getting my HR to 166 ! Well, a long time since I last worked that hard.
Weight going down, dropped under 13St for the first time since I arrived back from Greece.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Was in Leamington all last week creating some documents for Germany.
Arrive in the office this morning and find that instead of working on interfaces, I'm creating documents for Holland. Ho hum.
Ditched the stick at the end of the week before last.
Went to Parkers last Saturday, but its now closed on Saturdays so went to Fred Williams instead. Bought a pair of Look Keos and a saddle.
Horrible drives to Leamington and especially home last monday, it was thick fog. Ugh.
Saturday was going out, but was cold and frosty. Sunday was wet.
So did nothing, apart from fitting the new pedals, and new plates. Seems good, but riding them is the test.
Worried about cycling, I just have no enthusiasm.
Had a reply from Hazel, she would quite like to see me. Didn't read her reply in detail, feel a bit to uncertain about it all.
Leg is fine now, bit of pain if I move it out sideways, but thats all.