Friday, February 10, 2006



Scatalogical start to the day. Spent 230 quid in servicing & MOTing Mrs's car. But is passed the MOT.
Just eat a bacon and mushroom on crusty white and drunk a mug of coffee, listened to The Fall on the drive in, so I feel pretty damn good.
And its Friday, so no work for 2 whole days. Shit, I hate this job, I hate arsey Americans that make lots of excellent Brits redundant whilst keeping on arse-licking Dutch. Hooray for mediocracy for the mediocre are currently inhereting the world. Its what happens when we strive for a meritocracy. The people that suceeed therefore are not the best, they are the people who are best at stepping on other peoples heads to climb the greasy career pole. As is evidenced in this organisation, Qed, which suceeded because the product was the right one at the time, now it isn't so right anymore, but it tries to get on by garnishing its tatty image, and using cheaper and cheaper (thus worse and worse) developers to make new bits. I must get out of this area before long, and find work in another sector that has nothing to do with manufacturing, which is just about dead. Seeing as us Brits gave all our best ideas away to the Yanks, jet engines, fast helicopters, computers. Why, in 1989 I was working on a British built computer, with a British operating system running British software. Now I have not come across that for a long time. Because there is no British computing industry. ICL went many years ago.
Stop moaning, I just hope that David is able to make his way, which I think is likely, given his liking for money and cleverness.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I am in a very bad mood this morning. Maybe all the bad news; redundancies, religious intolerance, stpidity in the world has set me off.
Possibly it is working at this comedy company: Qed, a joke, a smile and a kick up the arse.
Maybe someone loves us, not sure who as even the share price is going down. Rat's Cocks, just when I want to sell my share options.
Did a hard spell on the turbo yesterday evening, 4 @ 100 rpm in a biggish gear, then spoke to Legro who advised me to keep in low gears for another month.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I read other people's Blogs, and think 'that is some really interesting and relavent stuff, sharp incisive comments and a brilliant outlook on the modern world'.
I read my blog and think 'what a load of twaddle and boring everyday-ness'.
But, whatever.
Anyhoo. The jerk that dressed as a suicide bomber has made a full apology, 'to the victims of the London bombings'. But not to Denmark. And, the chap is a drug peddler, having been given a 5 year prison sentence, in 2002. 2002 + 5 = 2007. Ah, he was let out on an early release scheme. Well how great is that ? Let criminals out of prison early, but thats fine, because its a Government scheme, no doubt to allow the poor chaps access to their 'Human Rights' i.e. drugs, alcohol and other peoples property. Is drug-taking something that Islam frowns upon ?
Maybe drug dealing is fine, so long as its Kaffirs that consume the naughty drugs, as they don't matter, unless they convert. Which a lot of blacks do, in prison, as they then seem to get out on parole much earlier. Of course, when a criminal scumbag converts to Islam, he immediatley becomes a decent member of society, ready to has his rightful place in an aeroplane with a false heel packed with explosives.

Monday, February 06, 2006

There was a demonstration in London last weekend, by those so called peace-loving loonies that call themselves Muslims, in which signs saying kill westerners and some of these people dressed a suicide bombers. The police seemed happy to let this happen. Well, fuck the lot of them, police and all if they are so spineless as to not arrest them on the spot. Fuck this Mohammed chap too.
He was illiterate, yet wrote a book that god told him was about how to live by being cruel to women and killing people that don't follow your weirdo religion. Seems a good idea, lets all join a religion that forbids fun and hilarity and makes half of the population invisible. Wankers.
Religion like this is the worst thing ever, I did think I was tolerant, that Islam is fine, but it isn't really, it is cruel and merciless and should be banned and all its adherents coated with bacon fat and dipped in cheap vodka.
Did a nice steady 22 miles on Saturday, Watery Lane, Icknield St. back of Redditch, Wood End, Earlswood, Silver Street & Man in moon. Bloody cold (2 C) but milder than the week when it hardly got above 0 ! Had a call off Peter v. on Saturday evening, was going out for a ride on sunday with him, but I promised Jayne I would take David out. Sunday got up with the intention of going out, but didn't. Looked at mtb instead and cleaned it. Collected Dad via the fort & Halfords to buy a neat little front light.

Religion - Whats that about ? Some Danish cartoonist drew cartoons of Mohamed lasat September, now there are riots and threats to kill the cartoonists. Strange people. God and so on isn't supposed to have pictures drawn of him. Or her, but probably a him for Muslims. Wouldn't it be funny if god actually existed, and turned out to be a woman ! That would really piss off Muslims who seem pretty well anti-women, unless they are walking 2 paces behind them hidden under a tent. What a backward lot, they still haven't moved out of the dark ages, yet the Islam empire was a hotbed of science when us in the West were living in huts for the first few hundred years after the fall of the Roman Empire, which is the event that unleashed Islam on the world, with its tradition of conquest by the sword.