Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I read other people's Blogs, and think 'that is some really interesting and relavent stuff, sharp incisive comments and a brilliant outlook on the modern world'.
I read my blog and think 'what a load of twaddle and boring everyday-ness'.
But, whatever.
Anyhoo. The jerk that dressed as a suicide bomber has made a full apology, 'to the victims of the London bombings'. But not to Denmark. And, the chap is a drug peddler, having been given a 5 year prison sentence, in 2002. 2002 + 5 = 2007. Ah, he was let out on an early release scheme. Well how great is that ? Let criminals out of prison early, but thats fine, because its a Government scheme, no doubt to allow the poor chaps access to their 'Human Rights' i.e. drugs, alcohol and other peoples property. Is drug-taking something that Islam frowns upon ?
Maybe drug dealing is fine, so long as its Kaffirs that consume the naughty drugs, as they don't matter, unless they convert. Which a lot of blacks do, in prison, as they then seem to get out on parole much earlier. Of course, when a criminal scumbag converts to Islam, he immediatley becomes a decent member of society, ready to has his rightful place in an aeroplane with a false heel packed with explosives.


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