Monday, February 06, 2006

Did a nice steady 22 miles on Saturday, Watery Lane, Icknield St. back of Redditch, Wood End, Earlswood, Silver Street & Man in moon. Bloody cold (2 C) but milder than the week when it hardly got above 0 ! Had a call off Peter v. on Saturday evening, was going out for a ride on sunday with him, but I promised Jayne I would take David out. Sunday got up with the intention of going out, but didn't. Looked at mtb instead and cleaned it. Collected Dad via the fort & Halfords to buy a neat little front light.

Religion - Whats that about ? Some Danish cartoonist drew cartoons of Mohamed lasat September, now there are riots and threats to kill the cartoonists. Strange people. God and so on isn't supposed to have pictures drawn of him. Or her, but probably a him for Muslims. Wouldn't it be funny if god actually existed, and turned out to be a woman ! That would really piss off Muslims who seem pretty well anti-women, unless they are walking 2 paces behind them hidden under a tent. What a backward lot, they still haven't moved out of the dark ages, yet the Islam empire was a hotbed of science when us in the West were living in huts for the first few hundred years after the fall of the Roman Empire, which is the event that unleashed Islam on the world, with its tradition of conquest by the sword.


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