Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oh. Dear.
Such a long time since I last blogged. Thats because I'm incredibly lazy.
What has transpired; Christmas, a pair of carbon fibre wheels, but now thinking about taking the rear one back to have one with a one-side-only hub.
Drank a moderate amount of red wine, and a few bottles of Deuchars IPA. Eat a terrific amount of crisps and other such junk, which explains why i am now 84.4Kg instead of the 80Kg I expected to be. Did no riding at all, because of a, laziness and b. cold weather. -8 one evening and -3 was the highest during the day for the start of the week. didn't go anywhere or do anything.
Got a text off Hazel on my old mob, a general happy new year type message, so i replied on my new number and said 'is that all i mean to you'. Then had quite a few texts which i didn't read, and an unexpected call last Tuesday. She was trying to contact me on my old mob.


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