Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Aha. As well as two sessions on the turbo last week, I did 12 miles out round Watery Lane on Saturday. I was also doing something similar on sunday, but extreme depression set in and put me off. Sunday was mainly spent feeling very low, until i took 4, then 2 then 2 more of my supa-dooper painkillers with codiene, lovely codeine. Felt inspired, so in the evening I opened up a fluexotene caplet, snorted a little bit, then sucked in a great nosefull of the stuff. All this did was hurt the inside of my nose and back of my nose so much it made my cheek red and eyes sore. I went to bed at 21.20 in extreme annoyance and depression, then had 2 more pain killers and some anti-inflammatories. Woke up 6.20, couldn't be arsed getting up so lied about until 8.20. Only got up because David was going off to work experience at the library, and i was giving him a lift, but Jayne did as i wasn't ready. Of course they arrived far too early.
Life is not good, decided to get a new dura-Ace 10-spd chainset to cheer myself up. And eventually all the bits. But not until after Christmas, and only if Dad gives me the money he said he would.


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