Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ho. Hum.
Friday caught the train to office. Well, I say that, but this involved leaving home at 0605, train to city, walked to Snow Hill, train to Cradadally Heath. All in the dark, nothing to see out the windows. Bus to Merry Hill, then a long walk to office, arrived at 08.15.
So. Dog and Lampost at lunch, 3 pints of lager. Office party, games of charades and stuff, accompanied by wine, lots of red wine. Went for a drink with Liam, he gave me lift somewhere, drank more, Found myself in a pub in quarry Bank, drank more. Taxi home and promptly fell asleep on the settee. Woke at 0100 & bed. Thus ended my first drinks for 2 months.
Saturday dossed about. Sunday to Dads.
Monday office, then home to have dishwasher fixed.
Tuesday to Leamington, horrible time there from 8.30 to 2.30 then escaped. M42 M5 lots of horrible roads to Wolverhampton. Bought lovely carbon fibre track wheels and tubs from Fred Williams. To office and home eventually.


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