Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not all bad news. Went to David's school yesterday evening for his final parent's evening. All of the teachers overwhelmed us with praise. He is looking at A/A* in every subject, oh except French which is a B, but could go up if he practises speaking French with a French accent.
Then he went to VIth Form college this morning for an interview, he was accepted to sit 5 AS levels, he will drop one after 1 year, then sit 4 A levels.
I just hope he carries on and don't get tempted by the usual things that hit a teenager.
Well well, a little bit different to my predicted 7 O'levels and eventual actual passes of 3 O'levels. Ha. Even though I left school with 7 O'levels and 2 A'levels, only passing 3 O's at the time seemed a total disaster. But the school persevered and I re-took and got 4 more, and then took 2 more (Accountancy and Economics) at Night School at Selly Oak college in 1977 when I was going to take some sort of accountancy course, but didn't.


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