Friday, February 03, 2006

Hey ho, Lets Go !
Listened to The Ramones on the fun drive into the office. Got up, eat 2 slices of toast with peanut butter on, and two plain and a great big mug of coffee. Excellent. But then went and put my wipers on because it was drizzle, and blow me, if the drizzle wasn't freezing rain, and I had to go and scrape the ice, which then froze as I drove along in little blobs. Glad I have a nice warm 4WD.
One of the (many) comments that got me banned from veloriders was my rant over that oxymoron, 'sports scientists'. Which is yet another worthless degree course pedled by crap colleges pretending that they can make dumb people clever. People get a BSc in sports cience, what a useless waste of 3 years. Read a bit of psychology, anatomy, physiology, coaching 'skills'. A little of each but insuffient to really understand the subject. Barfeld has a sport science degree, I think, yet he knows nothing about science and was (for me) a rubbish coach. And is for Babs also, as his performances have stayed the same since I have known him, from 3 years ago. Now I know Babs is into his late fifties, but given his level of dedication he should be progressing.
Well, I'm off to pretend to do some work.


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