Monday, February 06, 2006

There was a demonstration in London last weekend, by those so called peace-loving loonies that call themselves Muslims, in which signs saying kill westerners and some of these people dressed a suicide bombers. The police seemed happy to let this happen. Well, fuck the lot of them, police and all if they are so spineless as to not arrest them on the spot. Fuck this Mohammed chap too.
He was illiterate, yet wrote a book that god told him was about how to live by being cruel to women and killing people that don't follow your weirdo religion. Seems a good idea, lets all join a religion that forbids fun and hilarity and makes half of the population invisible. Wankers.
Religion like this is the worst thing ever, I did think I was tolerant, that Islam is fine, but it isn't really, it is cruel and merciless and should be banned and all its adherents coated with bacon fat and dipped in cheap vodka.


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