Thursday, February 16, 2006

Just some random rubbish. Found velodrome, which is nice, after being banned from veloriders. Must buy a pair of Carbon Keos for my track bike, a cheaper pair for my road bike. Ho diddly hum.
Blue String Pudding.

Is what The clangers used to eat. I liked The Clangers. They were on on Sunday evenings when I came home from exploring sutton Park with Ian Parker in about 1969 or so. What a long time ago. Another piece of a tooth broke off this morning. Ho hum.
Feeling low today. Flowers I ordered and the card I sent didn't arrive. OK, so I forgot to put a stamp on the card, but the flowers ? Ordered over the internet from Interflora. Tried 'phoning but get a message or the engaged tone. Ho and indeed hum. Was going to do a session on the turbo yesterday evening, but then '10 Greatest Weapons Ever' came on Discovery. So I watched that. Where was the Bren gun and the Lee-Enfield ?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thats my word for today, which describes the present 'Government'. Smoking in pubs will soon be illegal. Oh my word. I have therefore decided to take up smoking, go into lots of pubs and smoke like a chimney. What will be the punishment for smoking ? Its another attempt by the socialists to impose mind control on us. Such as the religious hate act, brought in to propiate the muslimns. In the same way that mosques are built without any planning issue setbacks, because lots of muslimins vote socialist, and force their families into voting socialist by having applying en masse for postal votes. In areas of Birmingham, whole streets vote by post. Then those streets are renovated by the council. Something stinks somewhere. The ex-leader of Birmingham council(peace be upon him) is called albert bore, and from all accounts is an uncouth bully.

Monday, February 13, 2006

This is the name of a new sex doll from anne summers. Pathetic plastic rubbish, only worth making for it's fnarr fnarr comedy value, but guess what, it offends those wilting wallflowers, the muslins. No, wait a mo, muslin is a matierial. Hold on, wait a second, mo is an abbreviation of mohamed, which can be seen as takings the prophet's (bollocks be upon him) name in vain. So, let me see, ah, yes. The moslems, they're the bunch that are offended. By;


Tee hee, lets offend again; MUSTAPHA SHAG.
Thats enough, bored already, so heres a cartoon of THE PRPHET MOHAMED (Dog turds be upon him) SHAGGING A BILLY GOAT UP THE ARSE.

Saturday cold as fuck, -3, did a plod around Lea End, up to lanes & down through Kings Norton in the late afternoon, with lights on. Wine and pizza for tea. Sunday just lazy, eat and played F.E.A.R. and watched telly all day.