Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blue String Pudding.

Is what The clangers used to eat. I liked The Clangers. They were on on Sunday evenings when I came home from exploring sutton Park with Ian Parker in about 1969 or so. What a long time ago. Another piece of a tooth broke off this morning. Ho hum.
Feeling low today. Flowers I ordered and the card I sent didn't arrive. OK, so I forgot to put a stamp on the card, but the flowers ? Ordered over the internet from Interflora. Tried 'phoning but get a message or the engaged tone. Ho and indeed hum. Was going to do a session on the turbo yesterday evening, but then '10 Greatest Weapons Ever' came on Discovery. So I watched that. Where was the Bren gun and the Lee-Enfield ?


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