Thursday, September 08, 2005

The boy got a grade C GCSE pass in geology. seemed that was the maximum mark he could attain as the teacher put them all in for the simpler paper as they took it a year early with only 1 years study. I think he could have reached higher. But still, a good result.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday. Oho. Oh no. Its work again.
Found I had options on a further 670 shares, valued at $7.48, now about $8.50. Ho hum.
So started the holiday by drinking a lot. On sunday went out round Moons Moat and Ullenhall. Nice ride in warm sunshine in lovely green countryside. Not a cactus in sight.
Monday to farm shop to buy bacon.
Tuseday.Started demolishing the entire fence at bottom of the garden. Cut back the spiky bushes. Coming to take the posts out, found lots of concrete. Started at it with pickaxe and hammer & chisel. No hope. Jayne had a brainwave, hire a pnuematic drill ! So went and got one from the hire shop in Longbridge. And even though it weighed about 150 Lbs it broke up the concrete so well ! Then put in the new posts, and screwed the fence on.
Even with David helping we finally finished at 20.30. Put the final panel in from the other side and walked back round. Covered in bruises and scratches with my arrms totally knackered. Wednesday took the concrete breaker back,
Thursday started getting ready to go.
Friday off to Amroth, nice drive down. Mostly sunny. Nice meal in Pirates restuarant in evening.
Saturday looked round Tenby.
Sunday walked to Saundersfoot and back, Monday rained all day. Went out & bought a slate number for the house & a barometer.
Tuesday on beach all day, hot and sunny. Into Saundersfoot, bought a nice silver necklace. Wednesday went to beach but it rained, so drove around, to a beach at Amroth Castle. Another
nice meal at Pirates Castle and got a pirates hat.
Thursday to beach at Amroth Castle, nice day.
Friday home, via side roads like in 1992 and stopped at the same place & walked to top of hill with a nice view and back.
Saturday, not sure. Joanne went to Tenby for the week. Sat in back garden drinking and burning lots of wood fromfence and busshes.
Sunday took David, M-inlaw & Jayne to garden festival in Kings Heath Park. Went to see Dad in afternoon.