Thursday, November 17, 2005

Groin getting better.
Veloriders - the website where I posted nonsense on about cycling, I have been a moderator since 2003, they have asked me to resign as a moderator, and I have. This was over the weekend, as last week I posted a sarcastic reply about people that were executed in WW1 for cowardice, and a lefty dickhead took exception to this and got onto the administrators about me. They asked me to resign. I kept posting for the past few days but now, finally, I'm not bothering anymore.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

and what do i have to say for myself ?
Went and replied to Hazels email yesterday, with a brief history of what I done over the past couple of months, such as falling off my bike and knackering my hip, etc.
Went to Doctors yesterday, he advised me to take more painkillers so I would walk on bad hip more as thats the quickest way to help it heal. Quite sore yesterday but i'm a good boy and taking the pills today.
Work sucks.
thats it.
Apart from sort of worrying about getting fit again, I will start going out with David on our mtbs. On a sunday, and doing the Bromsgrove run on a Saturday.