Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not my favourite day of the week.

Shit often happens to me on a Thursday, ever since i been a spoolboy, at a Grammar Spool. Well, a Grammar-Technical school. So there. I was clever and technical. Now I feel stupid, old and lumbering.

Off to Brussels on Monday, travel there excellent. To the hotel, room as I expected, but the food was excellent ! Steak and chips, washed down by an awful lot of Belgian beer.
Next day, no surprise - no pay rise, but a bigger bonus and more share options. Ha. Uneventful trip home.

Feeling really pissed-off this morning.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Posting from our office in Brussels. Nice sunny day (oh no ! global warming is making it a nice sunny day, the skys falling ! THE SKYS FALLING !)

Uneventful trip here. Taxi from the airport was 65 Euros, so how come, in 1999, it cost 80 Euros to go a much lower distance ?

Went to Woodlands with David yesterday. An excellent mornings shooting my Weihrauch HW97K, even though the scope needs setting up. Washed and cleaned my car inside and out on Saturday, now it has an authentic 'off road mudsplash' after parking in the field by the club. Joined the club for myself and David.
David gained an A in chemistry, B in Physics, C in maths and E in critical thinking for the first part of his AS level exams. We also had a letter syaing he is in the academic top 100 students, and want him to attend pre-interview days at a number of Universities, and to be a mentor to help slower students.
Joanne spent the weekend in London, I'm in Brussels, Jayne after hiding my air rifle when she found it hidden a couple of weeks ago now realises what it is, what a good wife I have (ish)
Blisters from cocking my rifle.

Doing a google search from here brings everything up in Dutch.