Friday, September 23, 2005

Something that keeps coming into my head is a desire to go to Scotland.
Not been since 1996, and before that it was 1978.
Well, thats home, in Caithness, I have been to Dalkieth in 1995 and Banff in 1998 though.
I suppose Banff was near Caithness, at least I could see the coast across the Moray Firth.
But I want to see peat-coloured rivers, wild hills and coast.
And testerday evening I sat out, looked at mars through the telescope, and drank 1.5 bottles of red.
This morning read a piece on windfarms in Caithness, many are planned, which will spoil the skyline as badly as the tax-dodging forests that were planted in the 80s and 90s. They spoiled at lot of the Flows, looks like the same thing is happening with these damn wind farms. Slimy government departments overturn all objections, because it 'helps slow global warming' What a load of bollocks.
Well, thats me cheered up for the weekend. And its raining and cold.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well I'm still posting on VR, surprise or what, just so long as Gary K. apoligises for calling me a racist.
Oh and chipped the back of one of my front bottom teeth eating some pork scratching last week, feels horrible.
What did I do on Monday evening ? Sat in the back garden and drank 2 bottles of red. Oh dear.
Yet another wierd dream;
I was in the old Kalamazoo building. All falling down and thinking about what is was like when I worked there.
Had to go to Jayne Bishops wedding, went through their house which was part of the old Kalamazoo building and had no roof, all their clothes were hung up in their bedrooms. Was waiting around outside the church doing incredibly long long jumps, had some money, found lots of Euros I think belonged to someone else, was sort of shopping in a shop I knew from another dream ?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Decided (again !!) to end posting on VR this morning. I was conducting some light-hearted repartee about racist words when squeaky-politically-correct Des decides it was overtly racist and moved it. Then another mod. decides I am a racist. What an insult, coming from a white, English ex-squaddy. So decided, fuck them. I won't moderate or even post anymore. How many blacks or asians use VR ? A big fat zero I would imagine, only slighty less than the total I know that race. (2 as far as I know). I stopped posting whist I was in Greece for some sort of slur from a fellow moderator. I forget what it was, I changed my password and removed the VR cookies. Done the same again.
Naughty this weekend - Friday evening just relaxed.
Saturday morning I put the trellis up on the fence near the house to make the patio more private, so we are'nt overlooked by the abodes of the lower orders. Bought 2 bottles of red in the afternoon. Then went and bought 1 bottle of beer and some crisps from Barnt Green. Then sat and broke up old fence and fet it into the chiminea, and drank nearly all the 2 bottles of red.
Put one bottle in the chminea, it partially melted !
Sunday just collected Dad for dinner, thought about a ride, but didn't.

2 dreams last night:
Was in the country, walking, along a green track, and met someone ? Went back to like a main road, but were driving on the right, went along and stopped at some sort of services like a little hut.

Watching people climb steep, narrow steps with no handrail to get their prizes at a velodrome, later I Going up steep wobbly steps at the velodrome, with other people, like the Commonwealth track squad, I was thinking it was too narrow to carry all the people climbing up, I was near the top when it started breaking so we all went back down.

Ho hum.