Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well I'm still posting on VR, surprise or what, just so long as Gary K. apoligises for calling me a racist.
Oh and chipped the back of one of my front bottom teeth eating some pork scratching last week, feels horrible.
What did I do on Monday evening ? Sat in the back garden and drank 2 bottles of red. Oh dear.
Yet another wierd dream;
I was in the old Kalamazoo building. All falling down and thinking about what is was like when I worked there.
Had to go to Jayne Bishops wedding, went through their house which was part of the old Kalamazoo building and had no roof, all their clothes were hung up in their bedrooms. Was waiting around outside the church doing incredibly long long jumps, had some money, found lots of Euros I think belonged to someone else, was sort of shopping in a shop I knew from another dream ?


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