Monday, September 19, 2005

Naughty this weekend - Friday evening just relaxed.
Saturday morning I put the trellis up on the fence near the house to make the patio more private, so we are'nt overlooked by the abodes of the lower orders. Bought 2 bottles of red in the afternoon. Then went and bought 1 bottle of beer and some crisps from Barnt Green. Then sat and broke up old fence and fet it into the chiminea, and drank nearly all the 2 bottles of red.
Put one bottle in the chminea, it partially melted !
Sunday just collected Dad for dinner, thought about a ride, but didn't.

2 dreams last night:
Was in the country, walking, along a green track, and met someone ? Went back to like a main road, but were driving on the right, went along and stopped at some sort of services like a little hut.

Watching people climb steep, narrow steps with no handrail to get their prizes at a velodrome, later I Going up steep wobbly steps at the velodrome, with other people, like the Commonwealth track squad, I was thinking it was too narrow to carry all the people climbing up, I was near the top when it started breaking so we all went back down.

Ho hum.


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