Monday, September 22, 2003

Once more. It seems just exactly 1 week since I last typed in Monday.
And whats transpired since then ?
Friday I went to the track. And in 12 lapper, nothing, plus it was a bit hairy with 30+ riders bouncing about,
peeling off the front as others tried to go past them, in fact all the recipes for a pile-up.
Then the 500M sprint. I got Joe's wheel and held it, tried to come round him but didn't quite make it. He beat me by about
1 M.
Next up was a 15 lap points race, was going to try but it was very fast.
Then a Danish pursuit ! 15 laps points race with pints on the 5th, 10th and last lap. Won the 10th lap, went off the front on my own, Pete S caught me after 2 laps, but he didn't really work that hard so we were caught on the bell, I might have come about 3rd or 4th in the sprint. a couple of laps easy then into a devil, lasted 3 laps which was pretty good for me, then ley myself get took out, I could have stayed 2/3 more laps, and I wish I had. I got 10 points overall, and finished 5th, 3 more points and I would have been 3rd.
Saturday, out a spin to Rednal, Barnt Green, Gambolds, Lower & Upper Bently, Tardebigge, Hopwood etc.
Tidied room up a bit more in afternoon.
Then to get some wine. 2 bottles. Jayne had some but I had the lions share, and drank 2 tins of Spitfire bitter. Posted some rubbish on Veloriders, and listened to music. David says I was singing, quite loud !
Set my mobile to wake me at 7.30 with the intention of going to ride the Midland RT '10, but turned it off and eventually got up at 8 something. Feeling groggy.
Went to see Dad, dinner, coffee to try and get me going, watched the Vuelta then felt motivated enough to go out. The sun was out, it was warm. Shorts with arm-warmers, though I could have done without the arm-warmers. Hopwood, Redditch, Moons Moat, Bransons Cross, Beoley, Weatheroak, Watery Lane and Wast Hill. Went hard, did 21 mph easily on 1st half, then slowed a lot but managed 20 mph overall, including plodding slowy up the hills ! So I am not unfit.
In the evening did some work on laptop for the chicken pluckers system.
Feeling pretty well pissed off about work. The amazing bonus scheme means I wont get a bonus, as I won't be bringing in enough revenue to hit the target. As my target is �830 a day, whereas I'm charged out at �565 to �650 on average. Hmmm. I did think
things were looking up here, bonus, shares, getting sent some smoked salmon from the 'States, but maybe not.
Read Graeme Obree's book. What an excellent read, he has real problems, but I hope he can sort them out.