Thursday, August 09, 2007


Put Atrocious Turkeys High ?
What is means is Positive Action Training Highway the fucking government body that gets useless non-white ethnic folks in jobs they are totally unfit for.

Ho hum. On Sunday did a terrific spin along mostly roads to the canal at Grimley near Gambolds, then back to Wast hill along the towpath. In about 27 C and sun. Yippee !
And did a spin Friday evening around Lickeys.
Yesterday off first thing to Fred Williams and bought a pair of Mavic Crossmax mtb wheels.
Ordered some disk rotors, bought a slick tyre today to match up with the 1.5" slick i bought in 1989, the Tioga one, it was a Schwalbe, looks similar to the Tioga. Did i really buy those tyres 17 years ago ? It seems like another world, now. A happy, competitive world with a sensible government that wasn't spending all our tax money on fuckwit schemes.
A wheel.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wankers of the week.

The British Government, for asking the US to release some scumbags from Guantanamo Bay.
Why ? They are not British, even if they were they are enemies of Britain.